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Game Instructions


Take your TEMP:

  • Thoughts

  • Emotions

  • Memories

  • Pray for Perspective

What is the most important core value?

Transformation happens one habit at a time.  It takes about a month to form a strong neuropathway, so you need to focus on a new habit every day for a month for it to "take".  Choose one card a month from this game, put it on your fridge or mirror, and meditate on it daily.  You'll be amazed at the transformation as you create an environment for growth!

Imagine that you are on a great adventure.  You are traveling through unknown lands.  Sometimes you are surprised by monsters that you must battle, and sometimes you find great treasure.  It is important that you be present and aware of your surroundings.  It is also important that you have enough skills and resources to face the challenges along the way.  So, join us!  You will not only have a great adventure, but you will also discover how to create the environment for growth so that you can be transformed as you journey through the real adventure of life!        

Game Play

Shuffle the cards and deal out five cards to each person.  Give each person a bag of dice but instruct them that they will have to choose one dice with which to start.  They will have chances to add to the number of their dice throughout the game.  Write down each player’s name on a score pad and start them out with 100 health points.

The player to the left of the facilitator starts the play.  On a player’s turn, they draw one card.  Then they choose a card from their hand to play on the table directly in front of them.  They must do what the card says to get the benefit of the card.  After they follow the instructions on the card, the facilitator may give further explanation about the card.

If a player plays a monster card, each subsequent player must battle the monster at the end of their turn by rolling their dice against the monster’s dice.  Each monster has several dice and health points associated with it and written on the monster’s card.  When a monster is played, the scorekeeper will write down the monster’s name and number of health points that the monster has.

To battle a monster, a player rolls the number of dice that they currently have against the monster’s dice.  The person who played the monster card normally rolls for the monster unless they are fighting the monster.  In that case, the player to their left will roll for the monster.  The one with the highest dice roll wins.  If you win the roll, you gain 50 health points.  If you lose the roll, you lose 50 health points.  If the monster loses, it loses 50 health points.  If it wins, there is no change to its health points.  If the player has a card on the table in front of them that will defeat the monster, they can use that to defeat the monster.  Anyone who reaches zero health points is out of the game.

Only one monster can be played at a time.


OBJECT OF THE GAME:  The winner is the one with the most health points.  The game ends at the time agreed upon by players at the beginning of the game (it takes about three hours to get through all the cards, but the game can be played in a shorter amount of time if it’s agreed by the players).


  • Share results taking your TEMP

  • What is the significance of these cards?

    • Flair​

    • Sword of the Spirit

    • Cycle of Grace

    • Training

    • Monster

    • Setting

    • Create an Environment for Growth

  • Assignment:  Quarterly Goals

    • Focus:  Humility​

    • Fellowship:  Who are your people?

    • Fasting:  What do you need to let go?

    • Take TEMP daily with Focus, Fellowship, and Fasting at 10:02 (Luke 10:2)

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