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Member care can be all encompassing and expensive. We know, because we've been there! We exist to make it accessible, affordable, and sustainable. In a world of increasing disorder, disconnection, and isolation, Smith and Salter offers a vision and the tools for connection, wellness, and healthy rhythms for vocational and cross-cultural Christian work.

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I currently live in Colorado Springs with my wife, Deanna, and our two adopted sons, Luke and Levi. I graduated from Wheaton with a BA in Psychology and worked for many years as a chaplain in the juvenile justice system. Then I obtained my MA in Counseling from Denver Seminary, and had a private practice in Denver for several years. God called us to missions, and we lived in Austria for four years while providing care for missionaries in Eastern Europe. I am still working with missionaries, as well as consulting and supervising at the counseling center in our church. I am also pursuing a PhD in Psychology, and the focus of my dissertation is placing missionaries so that they can thrive. I live in Colorado, and I enjoy all of the outdoor activities that Colorado has to offer: skiing, mountain biking, hiking, and climbing. I enjoy reading and hanging out in interesting coffee shops.



I have spent over 25 years as a vocational christian worker, both stateside and overseas. Having received help and care in times of crises, I value the “below the waterline” work of counseling, as well as the “at the waterline” work of adopting soul care practices, relational reconciliation, and healthy rhythms in vocational ministry. With an MA in Clinical Counseling from Colorado Christian University, I blend pastoral and professional care in my perspective on providing care to cross cultural workers. Trained in EMDR, Gottman Marriage Therapy, and Soul Care, I bring a broad scope to member care work. I am married to Janell, and have three adult children. Living in Colorado Springs, CO, we marvel at the beauty of God’s creation around us daily.



Let's get started by assessing your current successes in care, setting achievable goals in providing care, and ultimately bringing an environment for growth to you, your organization, your cross cultural workers, and/or your care providers.

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